Jeremy D. Koop – Criminal Defense Attorney

Jeremy D. Koop has been on both sides of the courtroom for over a decade. Previously, Jeremy was a prosecutor in the Violent Crimes Unit at the Sedgwick County District Attorney’s Office. 

As a prosecutor and defense attorney, Jeremy has successfully tried murder, kidnapping, robbery, sex crimes, financial offenses, drug cases, and DUIs. He also represents individuals who may receive the death penalty. Jeremy’s extensive experience on both sides gives him the inside knowledge of the strategies a prosecutor will use to secure a conviction.

As a result, Jeremy knows how to effectively defend his clients from the time of initial investigation through trial.          

Jeremy’s drive to become a criminal defense attorney came to him at a young age when he pledged he would help people facing one of the worst times of their lives.  As an experienced attorney, Jeremy understands that facing a criminal charge is devastating. 

At Koop Law Firm, we believe everyone has a right to not only a lawyer, but a competent, thorough, and zealous defense. We believe in making a difference for our clients and their families by providing high-quality representation. We treat each client’s case uniquely and are prepared to aggressively defend our clients against the government.

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