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What Does Unlawful Use of a Communication Facility Mean?
The federal charge of unlawful use of a communication facility is the law commonly used by prosecutors to charge defendants suspected of using a phone for drug dealing. Specifically referenced under 21 U.
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Facing Charges for Conspiracy to Violate Controlled Substances Laws? What to Know
Federal drug conspiracy charges are severe offenses with potential life sentences. If you're accused of conspiring to violate the federal laws regarding controlled substances, it is crucial to seek the assistance of a criminal defense attorney who can guide you through the legal process.
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Federal Felon in Possession of Gun Charges: What to Know
Law enforcement authorities vigorously prosecute the federal felon in possession of gun law in Kansas. Federal firearms offenses are among the most common crimes prosecuted and sentenced in federal court.
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Drug Dog Searches in Kansas: What to Know About Your Rights
If you've been arrested after a drug dog search in Kansas, your rights may have been violated. Police use drug dogs routinely to establish probable cause and search for contraband.
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Kansas Sentencing Guidelines: Explaining the Felony Grid
For most felony crimes, Kansas has a system of sentencing guidelines that determine punishment based on two key factors: the severity level of the crime and the defendant's criminal history. The state uses a sentencing grid as a guide to determine the appropriate punishment.
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What is Kansas Senate Bill 123? A Guide for Defendants
Kansas Senate Bill 123 provides an alternative sentencing pathway for certain nonviolent drug offenders to receive substance abuse treatment instead of prison time. Passed by state lawmakers in 2003, this legislation aims to address prison overcrowding and recidivism by getting offenders the help they need.
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Marijuana Possession Charges in Kansas: What to Know as States Legalize the Drug
Marijuana possession charges in Kansas are a risk for residents who purchase the drug legally at the state level in surrounding regions. Although medical marijuana is legal in Oklahoma and Colorado and Missouri allow recreational use, marijuana possession and distribution remain illegal in Kansas.
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Kansas Heroin Charges: The Penalties and How to Defend Yourself
The state of Kansas has enacted strict and severe penalties for defendants accused of using or trafficking heroin. If you’re arrested on Kansas heroin charges, you could be sentenced to up to 17 years in prison and fined $500,000.
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Meth Charges in Kansas: What to Know About Possession and Distribution Laws
Meth charges in Kansas are serious, and getting arrested on possession or distribution charges is likely overwhelming. Depending on the level of charge, you could be facing years in prison and substantial fines.
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Kansas Cocaine Charges: What to Do if You’re Arrested on Possession or Distribution
Cocaine charges in Kansas carry the possibility of serious prison time and hefty fines. If you’ve been arrested on cocaine charges, it’s likely you’re feeling you’re likely feeling anxious and worried.
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