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What is the Role of a Prosecutor in the Criminal Justice System?
Many who are charged with a crime don’t understand the role of a prosecutor. As part of the justice system, the prosecutor has an important function.
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What is the Role of Criminal Defense Lawyers?
When people are charged with a crime in the United States, they rely on criminal defense lawyers to represent them in court. The defense attorney has an important role in the judicial process.
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Methamphetamine Sale and Distribution Charges
In Kansas, if a person is caught by police and is suspected of selling or distributing methamphetamine they can be charged with intent to distribute. The penalties for being convicted of intent to distribute meth can be decades in prison.
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What are the Roles of the Judge in a Criminal Trial?
Many people may understand the role of attorneys in a criminal case. However, many people don’t understand the role of the judge in a criminal trial.
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Marijuana Laws in Kansas
Marijuana Laws in Kansas Marijuana laws across the country come with varying degrees of legalization. However, marijuana is still illegal in the state of Kansas.
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Preliminary Hearings
Preliminary Hearings If you’re charged in state court with a felony crime, you likely have the right to a preliminary hearing. What is a preliminary hearing? A preliminary hearing is one of the first steps in a criminal case and is a smaller version of a trial.
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Murder Laws in Kansas: Understanding the Different Charges
In Kansas, a defendant can be charged with three different types of murder: first-degree murder, second-degree murder, and capital murder. Murder charges in Kansas are the most serious offenses under state law, with maximum sentences up to life in prison or death.
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Gun Charges Explained
Gun Charges Explained In general, gun charges cover a broad range of offenses involving a firearm. The Second Amendment to the U.
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The Right to a Jury Trial
In the United States, a criminal defendant is guaranteed the right to trial by jury. What is a Jury Trial? A jury decides whether the defendant committed the crime.
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What are your Miranda Rights?
What are your Miranda Rights? As a constitutional right, officers are required to provide Miranda warnings to a detainee once he or she is in the custody of the police. This requirement to give Miranda warnings comes from the Supreme Court decision, Miranda v.
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