Methamphetamine Sale and Distribution Charges

In Kansas, if a person is caught by police and is suspected of selling or distributing methamphetamine they can be charged with intent to distribute. The penalties for being convicted of intent to distribute meth can be decades in prison.  The amount of time one may be subject to in prison is often dependent on the amount of drugs seized by law enforcement.  These are steep consequences for those charged with methamphetamine sale and distribution.  

How Does Someone Get Charged with Intent to Sell? 

Methamphetamine sale and distribution charges often stem from police searches. Some of these searches are a result of being pulled over and a vehicle being searched. For others, charges stem from the search of a home when a warrant has been issued (it doesn’t matter what the warrant is for).  

Sometimes drug dogs are used to sniff out drugs that may be hidden in vehicles, homes, lockers, or on personal property. Confidential informants used by police to set up drug deals can also lead to the arrest of someone for possession and intent to distribute. It is possible that these searches may be illegal according to the Fourth Amendment, and if so, the charges could be dismissed. Evidence collected from an illegal search is called “fruit of the poisonous tree” and can’t be used. An experienced attorney like Jeremy D. Koop will fight for your rights and provide a zealous defense for your case—exploring all the options available for your defense. 

What Happens if I’m Charged with Methamphetamine Sale and Distribution? 

Being charged with intent to distribute is serious. The first step you should take is to contact a lawyer such as Jeremy D. Koop to help prepare your defense.  

Whether or not your charges are state or federal depends on several factors. The amount of drugs and anything such as scales, baggies, or drug paraphernalia can indicate to police that there is an intent to distribute which can lead to more serious charges — including federal charges. 

The law also states that it doesn’t matter if a person doesn’t know how much methamphetamine they have, was standing in for another person who was the actual buyer or seller.  

Whatever the situation, being charged with intent to distribute methamphetamine — or any controlled substance — is extremely serious and the defense should be placed in the capable hands of an experienced attorney. 

Need Help? 

If you’ve been charged with a drug crime, including intent to distribute methamphetamine, contact the Koop Law Firm immediately. We will provide a free consultation and see how we can fight for you. 

The information provided in this article does not constitute legal advice; it is for general informational purposes only.

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